2020 Tenth Shenzhen International Machine Tool Mould and Metal Processing Exhibition

Time: 2020-05-25

The 10th Shenzhen International Machine Tool Mould and Metal Processing Exhibition 2020 (abbreviation: MTMPEXPO 2020) will be held in Shenzhen Exhibition Center from September 2nd to 4th, 2020. As one of the most influential machine tool and die exhibitions in China, this exhibition will involve metal machining centers, turning, milling, boring, grinding, special machine tools, precision molds, metal 3D printing, CNC system devices, machine tool parts and Auxiliary equipment, abrasives, tool fixtures and inspection and measurement equipment and other product areas, "MTMPEXPO 2020" aims to provide exhibitors with more market opportunities and professional exhibition services, will provide exhibitors and visitors at a higher starting point A high-quality industry event.

According to the statistics after the exhibition in 2019, the exhibition organized a total of 533 manufacturers to participate, and held 12 industry forums and conference activities. The three-day exhibition attracted more than 34,600 manufacturing companies and high-end buyers from various countries and regions at home and abroad. The industry covers automobile manufacturing and parts, electronic communication equipment, machinery manufacturing, molds, aerospace, defense military industry , Rail transit, medical equipment and other fields. The enthusiastic interaction between exhibitors and professional visitors at the exhibition site further verified the industry status of "MTMPEXPO" as the top event in South China.